Second follow up

As promised, here are the updates from my second follow up appointment earlier today.  First I met with my surgeon, everything checked out fine and my restrictions have been lifted.  I can now resume all normal activities, and that I just need to listen to my body and not overdo it.  They did take blood and urine samples to run labs on to make sure all is truly well.  I should have the results from those tomorrow.

Following that I met with my coordinator and got an update on my recipient.  He’s doing well and is getting back to his normal activities.  He apparently is an outdoorsman who enjoys fishing.  She did say that he mentioned wanting to meet me and I let her know I’m still on the fence about whether or not I would want to do that.  Additionally she asked about my whole thoughts on the experience.  And I let her know that I gladly tell anyone about my experience.  I told her how valuable it had been for me to have Kerri’s donor Amy available to answer my questions along the way.  She then asked if she could use me in that fashion for future donors and I said I would be happy to do so.  She also offered other opportunities for me to help.  She said they have a patient advisory council for the transplant with whom they consult on different topics and that I would be more than welcome to participate in that.  She also mentioned that, assuming it’s successful, would love to use my Grand Canyon hike story as well, possibly even through the hospital’s press/PR department.  She also gave me some goodies.


My next follow up appointment won’t be until early December, six months post surgery.

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