My quest for a standalone Touch ID

I have loved having Touch ID on my Macs ever since it made it’s debut on the 2018 MacBook Air. My work laptop is a 2021 MacBook Pro. And with my work laptops I prefer to use a mechanical keyboard. When still going into an office, this preference used to annoy many of my coworkers, […]

The pain of being from a small town

I grew up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky. Since my father’s passing almost two years ago I return here on a regular basis (every two to three weeks is the current cadence) to help my mom. I am back again this weekend with the unenviable task of taking her to put flowers on […]

Call Todd, he’ll answer his phone…

When working for a major retailer the on-call was supposed to be either a text or call from the service desk referencing an incident which required immediate attention. But quite often someone would call the service desk and instead of opening an incident they would simply ask for the phone number of the Linux on-call […]

We care more than most

One universal truth I’ve come to realize in the many organizations I have worked for is that the UNIX/Linux team is the catch-all team for random issues. Having a mystery issue with your application? Not sure who handles some piece of infrastructure? Need some random piece of software updated? Call the UNIX/Linux team! They may […]


I keep thinking I should really be writing more here, but I never follow through on it, obviously. I have many ideas in my head for things I would like to write about. Some of them are technical items related to my chosen field (UNIX/Linux systems administration). Others are more general topics related to my […]

Volunteer opportunity

I just finished my application to serve on the Patient Advisory Council for Transplantation (PACT) at Carolinas Medical Center. To quote the invitation to apply: PACT allows patients and families to offer leadership and input on policies, programs, and practices dealing with care and services for the patients and family members we serve. The importance […]


This month marks 20 years since I made the first major move of my life. I left Cincinnati for Phoenix in July, 1994. I still find it hard to fathom that it has been that long. I recently visited there and a lot of it still felt very familiar. I am quickly approaching my nine […]


Today marks the one year anniversary of my donation surgery. I thought I should take a few moments to reflect on everything that has happened since then and the lessons learned along the way. I will also discuss some if the things I would do differently or offer as advice for anyone else who may […]

It’s set

On Tuesday at 6:00 PM, I will meet my recipient. There may be media there as well. My coordinator let me know that he is nervous about meeting, but really wants to. I told her I am the same way and that I would probably be pretty emotional when I do. The current plan is […]

Major updates

First, I finally heard back from y coordinator this afternoon. As of right now, she is working on scheduling our meeting my recipient next Tuesday (10/29) evening. The second major update is that she asked this: What are your thoughts on the hospital’s PR dept and maybe a news station doing a story about your […]