The most interesting thing, so far…

Something I was curious about was how do they decide which kidney will be the one that gets “taken”?  One of the points that was stressed to me by the coordinator was that my health was their first concern.  I will have an advocate assigned to me for that particular purpose.  Now, back the question.  It was explained to me that the overarching goal would be make sure that I keep the stronger of the two, assuming one is identified by the battery of tests.  If one is not stronger, then the second criteria is based on anatomy or ease of access.  And, finally if there are no anatomical factors influencing the decision then most often the left one is chosen due to the slightly longer arteries and veins that would allow them to have a little more to work with when transplanting it.

Okay, it was interesting to me.  🙂

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1 thought on “The most interesting thing, so far…

  1. This made me smile because I’m certain I would ponder the same questions.

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