Six weeks

It’s hard for me to believe that it has already been six weeks since my surgery.  The time has flown by.  I still feel like I’m feeling little bits better each and every day.  I’d say I’m at about 95% now.  I’m really hoping to be able to start working out at least a little soon as I still need to start getting back into shape and getting my energy and stamina levels up.

Picking nits

I checked in with my coordinator to see about my next follow up appointment which should be next week and I got an immediate reply of:

“You have an appointment 7/24 at 2:00 PM, see you then.”

I know I’m picking nits here, but I find this quite annoying.  First, that I’m not asked if this time works for me, just here’s your appointment.  Luckily, I can make it then.  Second, that as quick as the response was I have to assume the appointment was already on the books.  If I hadn’t asked, how long would it have been until I found out?

Five weeks!

Today marks five weeks since surgery.  I continue to feel better and better every day, even with the stress of having returned to work.  I can now sneeze and cough without any pain, just the slightest of twinges.  There’s still some tightness and pulling around the large incision as well as the one numb spot still.  I’m still waiting for my next follow up appointment to be scheduled.

Quick update

Though today is not my first day back to work (I worked on July 3rd and 5th), today marks the start of my first “real” work week back.  My boss is off-site all week (and I’m on point for our team) and I am on-call as well.  So this could lead to a stressful seven days.  But, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’d say I’m at 90%.  I can tell I’ve gotten a little out of shape over the past few weeks. I normally take the stairs (six flights) up every morning and today I got winded by the time I got to my floor.  But, it felt good to do at least that amount of “exercise”.  I look forward to doing more.

I’m still waiting to hear back on the scheduling of my next follow-up appointment (it should be next week) which will hopefully release me to more strenuous activity.

I was sitting in a meeting earlier and had this odd feeling.  It just felt strange at that moment to realize that I’ve only got one kidney and that a piece of me is out there somewhere living on in another human being.

Four week update

It’s been four weeks since surgery and I’d say I’m feeling about 85% back to normal. It will be another two to four weeks to get that last 15% back though.

I heard from my coordinator yesterday and was advised to use warm compresses on the knot in my arm from the heparin shot. And that the numbness I am experiencing around my belly button should slowly dissipate. I did get a little not so good news. My recipient’s last labs came back with some elevated numbers so they are checking him again today and may have to adjust his meds. I just hope it’s something that’s not serious and can be handled quickly and easily.

Finally, here are my scars now.


Better and better

The past few days I’ve been feeling noticeably better.  I’m sleeping better, though with normally at least one interruption.  My scars are feeling better.  I still have the one numb spot, but everything else seems to be progressing.  I am really looking forward to being able to get back to working out.  I can’t believe how “soft” I feel.


Nothing to report today, so far.  Nothing back from my coordinator regarding my questions from two days ago.  Nothing really new on my recovery, things are steady and slowly progressing.

I went into the office yesterday afternoon for a retirement reception for a couple of higher ups in our organization.  Spent about an hour and a half there, a lot of it standing around.  My back started bothering me toward the end and I really thought I would be pretty tired afterwards, but once I got home, I felt pretty good and I’m feeling pretty good this morning.  The commute time for the round trip was an hour and 45 minutes.  That’s definitely something I haven’t missed doing.  That is currently my biggest dread point of going back to work.  I am so sick of that drive.

Weight and other stuff

One thing I forgot to mention during yesterday’s update was that my weight has at least stabilized.  I’m not losing and I’m not gaining.  I’m pretty much staying right around 145 pounds.

As for my issues that I discussed with coordinator yesterday, I haven’t heard back yet.  I’m hoping I do today.

Three weeks

Today marks three weeks post surgery. I just spoke to my coordinator and covered the two issues I currently have. The first being the roughly one inch area below and to the left of my belly button that is still numb. And the second is a small (less than pea sized) knot in my arm at the site of the last heparin injection. It doesn’t hurt or anything, I just noticed its being there. She said she would follow up with the surgeon regarding these and get back to me. She also said my lab results from last week were looking good. My creatinine level was 1.48, the best it had been since surgery. This means my lone kidney is picking up like it should.

On other thing she said was that my recipient was doing well and would actually be coming in for labs today and that she would be able to give me a little more information on him later.

And, finally, here are my scars after three weeks. I won’t be posting this to Facebook. I feel like I’m an attention whore if I post a lot of stuff there.