Quick update

Though today is not my first day back to work (I worked on July 3rd and 5th), today marks the start of my first “real” work week back.  My boss is off-site all week (and I’m on point for our team) and I am on-call as well.  So this could lead to a stressful seven days.  But, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’d say I’m at 90%.  I can tell I’ve gotten a little out of shape over the past few weeks. I normally take the stairs (six flights) up every morning and today I got winded by the time I got to my floor.  But, it felt good to do at least that amount of “exercise”.  I look forward to doing more.

I’m still waiting to hear back on the scheduling of my next follow-up appointment (it should be next week) which will hopefully release me to more strenuous activity.

I was sitting in a meeting earlier and had this odd feeling.  It just felt strange at that moment to realize that I’ve only got one kidney and that a piece of me is out there somewhere living on in another human being.

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