Telling everyone and getting them caught up

I’m using this post as the introduction to my journey for my Facebook friends. The quick summary is that I have decided to become an altruistic (a.k.a anonymous or non-directed) living kidney donor. What does that mean? It means that I am willing and preparing to donate a kidney to anyone who needs it. I’ve been blogging about it here since I started the process (back on December 14) and you are more than welcome to go back to that first post and get caught up (by clicking here). Or you can read this short summary and follow along from here on out.

In terms of what I’ve done so far, besides filling out a ton of paperwork, I’ve had:

  • two full blood work-ups (for typing and matching, plus standard checks)
  • two 24 hour urine collections and work-ups (testing kidney function)
  • a chest X-ray
  • an EKG
  • a TB skin test
  • an interview and multiple conversations with my donor coordinator
  • an interview with a nephrologist (kidney specialist)
  • an interview with a medical social worker
  • an interview with a dietician

And here are the things I still have to complete before being matched and, hopefully, donating:

  • wear a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours (scheduled to pick up Thursday 3/7)
  • have a CT scan (to examine the anatomy of my kidneys)
  • meet with a transplant surgeon (and review CT scan)
  • meet with my donor advocate
  • meet with a psychiatrist

If you are asking “Why?”, I’ve answered that already.

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2 thoughts on “Telling everyone and getting them caught up

  1. WOW! Just caught up on your blog. What a fascinating story! I am incredibly proud to know someone that is willing to literally give of himself. You are a quiet hero. Your post about the pediatric recipient brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to following your journey and will keep sending positive energy your way. Now on to more nosy, but practical matters…What about booze? I see you have to limit soda. How will life with one kidney affect your love of craft beer??

  2. Thanks for the support and kind words, Michelle. And the question about alcohol is a good one. The soda choice was mine and I was told by the dietician that it’s fine in moderation. I was also told that alcohol has more of an effect on the liver and that it is fine in moderation as well.

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